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Christon Hill


Christon Hill

Christon Hill is the Vice President of Life Cycle Management at an emerging pharmaceutical company called BTG. He has held this position he has held since 2017. He has over 19 years of career experience, including 16 years in the cGMP manufacturing sector and 11 years in biotechnology with a focus on CMC and product development for clinical stage products through to NDA/BLA/MAA stage. Christon’s areas of expertise also include technology transfer, process development, product development, and troubleshooting.

In his role as a leader at BTG, Christon Hill oversees clinical, manufacturing, technical, and scientific development programs for the business unit. He prides himself on being a lead-by-example manager with a strong work ethic and can-do attitude to motivate staff. As a leader and an employee, Christon is an enthusiastic learner who can quickly adapt to any technical environment.

Some of Christon Hill’s notable achievements as the VP of Life Cycle Management include establishing a path to develop a new analytical method for mimicking the efficacy of the polyclonal antibody lines and identifying a formulation for extending the half-life of polyclonal antibody product lines by at least 24 hours. Christon also established room-temperature and liquid formulations of Crotalidae polyvalent immune fab (CroFab). He consistently innovates, develops, and assesses methods to uncover value in the BTG Specialty Pharm product lines effectively to establish each product’s Life Cycle Management program.

Christon Hill has a strong background in manufacturing management and direct report supervisory experience. He has led six successful process tech transfer projects on-time and within budget, four of which have been international. Christon consistently operates with a keen adherence to the scientific method as an approach to all technical problems. He is often called on to apply his innovative problem-solving skills to improve efficiency and implement numerous successful solutions.

Christon Hill has led biotech process development projects that include mammalian cell culture, microbial and yeast cell culture, recovery, downstream purification, formulation, and aseptic vial/syringe fill development. He has had three patents granted and currently has one pending for research in formulation and process development.

Christon Hill holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is currently working toward earning his MBA from Johns Hopkins University.

Christon Hill has always been passionate about science, in both is his personal life and his professional life. He is continuously striving to improve his knowledge in the field of healthcare by reading scientific journals. He is interested in everything science-related, particularly new biology and chemistry developments. He also stays current on technology and research in his area of study. Christon’s interests also include alternative energy and efficiency improvements. His goal is to help improve the world through science and logic.

When he isn’t working or reading about the latest scientific developments, Christon Hill enjoys playing video games, especially Lords Mobile, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Lego games, and the Final Fantasy series. He also enjoys watching older comedic television series such as The Office, Arrested Development, Community, and My Name is Earl. Christon is also a big fan of Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars movies. He stays active by frequently hiking and swimming, and never passes up a chance to ride a good roller coaster.