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Choosing to study science in university is a brilliant decision. Students who graduate with science degrees have many opportunities available to them and can work in a wide range of different industries. Science majors are often presented with job security and high-paying wages. However, science is a tough field to study. Below we will discuss the easiest and hardest science majors with information featured from an article on College Vine.

Hardest – Chemistry

Chemistry can be a very fun class to take in high school but can be extremely challenging as a major in college. Chemistry majors study the different elements that make up the world and how they react with each other. It is not only the hardest science major; it is ranked as one of the hardest majors to be in any college. Chemistry requires a lot of skill, knowledge, and comfortability with other subjects such as math. Chemistry majors also have a lot of coursework, with some spending up to 18 hours a week on homework and projects.

Medium – Environmental Science

Students studying environmental science focus on how the physical world and the biological world interact with each other. Those who obtain their degree in environmental science often choose to embark on careers in conservation and environmental research and activism. For example, students might graduate and move onto working in the private sector for a company’s environmental impact or work for governmental agencies assisting in policymaking. Environmental science is very challenging and requires knowledge of various core sciences. However, due to the minimal requirement of math and most work being hands-on in the field, this major ranks in as a medium level of hardness.

Easiest – Psychology

This major is quite different from those previously mentioned, as it focuses on the human mind instead of worldly materials. Psychology is thought of to be one of the easier majors because there is not initially a requirement of complex math, and it is the most social of the sciences. Psychology prioritizes communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving to study the behaviors of humans. Psychology is considered to be an easy major during undergrad but progressively gets more challenging as students continue their studies.