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What do you want to be when you grow up? (You may have heard this question before!) If you haven’t already figured out your answer, then the following 10 science careers could help inspire your decision!

The 10 careers described below are just a few examples of the many diverse avenues that a career in science can lead. Some require further study at the university level, while others don’t even need a high school diploma!

  1. Environmental Scientist

Environmental scientists are people who study the effects of human activity on the environment, which includes analyzing environmental risks such as pollution and natural disasters.

  1. Pharmacist

Pharmacists are often the first healthcare professionals people see when they need medical attention. They work mostly in pharmacies and drug stores, providing advice on how to take prescription medications.

  1. Medical Laboratory Science

Medical laboratory science is the medicine that deals with tests, tools, and procedures used to help doctors diagnose illnesses.

  1. Science Education

Science education involves teaching science to students in schools and universities all over the world.

  1. Geologist

Geologists study the natural resources found on Earth, such as oil, coal, and gas. They also learn about how things are formed over time by studying rocks and fossils.

  1. Veterinary Science

Veterinarians are like doctors for animals. They take care of sick animals and try to make them healthy again, using medication or surgery when necessary.

  1. Life Sciences and Microbiology 

Life scientists study living systems, animals, and plants in particular. Students of life sciences or microbiology will learn about cell biology, genetics, and much more.

  1. Agricultural Scientist

Agricultural scientists study ways to increase the growth and health of plants, animals, and food.

  1. Chemist

This kind of work is conducted mostly at science labs, but some chemists also work in developing new products such as medicines and plastics.

  1. Forestry Science

A career in forestry science involves studying the management of forests and woodlands. They learn about how to grow, harvest, and protect trees while considering the ecological importance of forests.

If you like the idea of working in one of these 10 fields, then check out some online sites that list accredited programs for these careers!